What is The Preservation Project?

The Preservation Project was founded in 2020 by archivist and film journalist, Chase Whale. Whale graduated with honors at the University of North Texas with his Master’s in Library Science with a Concentration in Archival Studies and Digital Imaging. He also received his Archival Management Graduate Academic Certificate. Whale’s passion for archiving (which includes preservation, restoration, and digitizing) really took off during his time as a film critic. This is where he fell in love with the processes of preservation, restoration, and digitizing analog media. 
The Preservation Project’s website is currently under maintenance. However, we are now taking orders to digitize your analog memories. Just CONTACT US and let us know what kind of media you have, what you need (digitized, burned to DVD, put in an external hard drive). We’ll give you a price quote and let you know what we offer and recommend.
The Preservation Project is a digitizing and restoration service for you to forever hold on to those precious memories. 
We can digitize in the best resolution:
Video: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm (Video8, Digital 8, Hi8), MiniDV, Betamax, Super 8 (silent only), and DVD into the high-resolution files available in their respective formats.
Photo: Photos, 35mm negatives and slides, 126, 110, Medium, Super 8, and 8mm film negatives.
We also video edit if there's something you need put together, and restore old photos and video to the best quality possible. CONTACT US HERE.
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